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New Bioprocess

Simpler and cleaner (no enzymes)

Higher level of purity and collagen fibrils

Bioprinting and genetic engineering

(without genetic alteration)

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Certified Cells 

Preparation for Bioprinting

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3D printing

using fibroblasts

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3D bioprinted

skin constructs 

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quantum tissue

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protein inputs

Identical structural




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What it is, its uses

and why choose

vegan collagen

White Paper - ECM

This article brings a review over extracellular matrix expression by many methods, in order to elucidate the revolution Quantis has brought to the world with our novel QMatrix. Advances and promissing results can be found by the 9th page of the article.


White Paper - Collagen

This is a brief article about our final product, an innovative extracellular matrix rich in type I collagen. Produced by the patented QuantumTissue, a human fibroblast 3D construct, resulting in our completely animal free solution that has the potential to be used in many segments, such as: regenerative medicine; cosmetic, pharmaceutical and chemical industries; CRO's testing for cosmetic and pharmaceutical claims and tissue engineering.

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Patent pending

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Certified Cells

Animal Free.png

Animal Free (on human inputs)

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Human and animal inputs

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of proteins 

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More purity

and fibers 

Our process uses the strength of bioprinting as a way to enhance the expression of ultra-pure proteins. We use the latest research in the sector in biotechnology and incorporate the results to create an unprecedented method of high-scale production of bio-identical high performance inputs. The Quantis method is patent pending and its potential goes far beyond the laboratory, and may impact the results of entire sectors linked to healthcare, medicine and cosmetic.