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A new generation of cruelty-free and xeno-free inputs to revolutionize in vitro applications. Produced only with animal-free inputs and obtained by human cells. We present a new way to develop cell culture and tissue models.


Human Collagen Extracellular Matrix

Contains fibrous type 1 collagen, hyaluronic acid, elastin and fibronectin, increasing cell adhesion and proliferation.

Suitable for coating on 2D cell culture models.

Quantum Ink

Human Collagen Bioink

Human matrix bioink with animal-free formulation, specially designed for tissue engineering and bioprinting of more realistic tissue models.


Human Collagen Extracellular Matrix + biocompatible polymer

Specially designed for 3D applications such as bioengineering, tissue bioprinting and scaffolds.

Spher Plates

Custom designed plates for spheroid culture

6 or 12-well plates designed with bioprinting technology for spheroid formation for a standardized cell culture with reproducible results.

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