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Strategic Partnerships


SEBRAE is a national institution supporting the development of small and micro companies in Brazil.  With SEBRAE, we focus on developing the Quantis platform through participation in acceleration programs for technological innovation companies, such as CATALISA. Furthermore, we participate in events as an official partner of SEBRAE, such as CASE 2023.

With FAPESP, we have a pre-approved phase 1 PIPE Project for dermal healing. PIPE is the FAPESP Program for Innovative Research in Small Businesses to support scientific and technological research carried out in startups and small innovative companies in the State of São Paulo. Furthermore, we have a partnership with USP of Ribeirão Preto with professor Karina Fittipaldi Bombonato Prado, with PIPE Phase 1 approval to validate our solution in endodontic regeneration. We also have a Pipe 2 for the development of the Quantis platform already in the finalization phase


Partnership with professor Sônia Maria Malmonge, from the Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Research Laboratory, with a notice approved for a universal project with Sônia Maria and UFABC, for a blood vessel engineering project. We also have a FINEP project nearing completion. Quantis also has a project development with Willian Triper through the PDPD Program - Researching From the First Day, from UFABC.

Institute of Chemistry - Biopolymer Laboratory - SP

Partnership and Research & Development Agreement with the USP Chemistry Institute, with professor Luiz Hentique Catalani, from the BioPolymers Laboratory. This partnership focuses on optimizations and characterization of proteins.

Faculty of Dentistry of Ribeirão Preto 

Research partnership with professor Karina Fittipaldi Bombonato Prado, with PIPE phase 1 project approved by FAPESP, to validate our solution in endodontic regeneration.

UFSJ - Federal University of São João Del Rei

We established a Research and Development partnership with Paulo Granjeiro, focusing on validating QMatrix in the context of dermal healing. This partnership aims to explore and confirm the effectiveness of QMatrix in promoting skin healing, representing a significant advancement in the field of regenerative dermatology.

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